Free Kids E-Cookbook!

Easy to read and follow cookbook just for kids! Simple recipes they can make themselves. Fully illustrated.

What you’ll get out of this six-week plan:

This comprehensive guide provides healthy, balanced meals for your munchkins. Developed with advice from trusted pediatricians, these meals are sure to leave your toddlers nourished and happy. Best of all, these meals are all possible with ingredients from your pantry. All we use is real food. Nothing fancy. Nothing complicated. Nothing expensive. All for the best interest of your child.

recipe cards

Healthy & fun

30 lunch plans that balance healthy with fun

minimum prep

Minimum prep

Each week’s plan gets you ahead of the game with 30 minutes of weekend prep


From the pantry

Uses ingredients you have in your pantry


“These plans have actually made it fun to make lunches again!”

Darla J.


“Several of these great recipes are favorites now at our house.”

Rose S.

Don’t wait, maximize your lunch prep today.